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Madero TangoMadero TangoMadero Tango
Within a luxurius setting and unique dazzling river view through the largest window in Buenos Aires, an exquisit author meal
In Puerto Madero, in the best and modern area of Buenos Aires, is located Madero Tango...
Madero Tango developed an exclusive selection of Argentine local dishes of the highest international level....
A combination of figures, production and deployment as ever showed a musical tango in Argentina...
Tango Show

The Best Tango Show in Buenos Aires

To watch from the most spectacular window in the city the blend of the river that brought the immigrants who would give birth to tango, with the most modern buildings of Argentina, is to acknowledge that tango is alive. To enjoy “experiencing Madero Tango” is to really get to know where tango lives. This musical gênre recently declared human heritage is much more than the memory of its golden decades. Today, tango moves your nerve, impassions you, woes you, …it is definitely alive and it is the real and vivid story of every day life. Madero Tango is the only place of its kind where the present and the past merge to create a bond between the audience and tango that is never forgotten. Long live tango, enjoy  Madero Tango!

This 2011-2012 Season Show goes through tango’s all times, from the early days in the suburbs to the present day in modern saloons. Our house is located in the same harbor where immigrants of all nationalities anchored and where tango was born. Today,  after more than a century , Madero Tango springs up in Puerto Madero, the most modern neighborhood of Buenos Aires enriched by large international recognition.

Memorable Tango Show Memorable Tango Show Memorable Tango Show
Memorable Tango Show Memorable Tango Show Memorable Tango Show
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