The Tango is alive and
Madero Tango Iguazú
opens its doors to share it

For the first time in history, an entertainment registered trademark from Buenos Aires, releases an stable Tango and Folklore Show, proving one more time that there is no better experience to appreciate the Argentine roots than regarding its landscapes, tasting its flavors and living its music.


Madero Tango Iguazú

A new way of visiting and experiencing Cataratas is born:
Madero Tango Iguazú comes up with a unique proposal to delight each and every one of the senses.
The Tango, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, seeks to join one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and thus crown one of the more fascinating visual experiences of the national
and international tourism.



The Iguazú Falls face us with the immensity of nature. They go up majestic over a horizon of water, in an abyss almost chilling. The forest at its finest; flora and fauna combined to unveil a luxuriant, even tropical, scenery.


An outing different from all others:
To open, a special signature Dinner Menu for demanding palates. Then, at the most luxurious theater, the most spectacular Tango Show nowadays: high performing dancers, recognized singers and a Live Orchestra will lead the audience through a whirlwind of emotions, proving one more time that the Tango is alive.
Furthermore, an exceptional plus for those really wishing a different night: the possibility of visiting the Cataratas Casino, thereby combining exclusive pleasures, all in one place.


Our Services


A traditional and inviting atmosphere welcomes everyone willing to pair the best Tango Show with the typical local cuisine.
La Terraza is the restaurant that will host those choosing to enjoy this entire proposal. It accommodates more than a hundred and fifty diners at individual tables and it has an unequalled sight of the park and the swimming pool, an autochthonous share of the regional flora: tropical, cozy, wild.


The best local restaurant opens its doors to receive all those desiring to enjoy an exclusive experience.
El Jardín is a bistro with an intimate atmosphere, special for a selected evening. It has capacity for more than one hundred people at private tables and the comfort of the very best five stars hotels in the world.


The Misiones most successful Tango Show takes place at the sophisticated Madero Tango Iguazú theater located only a few meters away from the Casino. Those selecting this option will have the possibility to enjoy the Show in a very elegant room with an outstanding acoustic and a surrounding sound that will turn the viewer into a protagonist of the magic of the place.


Argentine Meats and Wines

Live Orchestra

25 Performers on Stage

Led Screen

Opcional Transfer

Free Drinks

Tango Dance Lesson


Kid´s Zone

The Tango grants a sensuality aura to the Cataratas night. A historically daytime destination that now encourages and invites the tourist to enlarge his stay in one of the most visited cities of our country.

Gambling enthusiasts will also have the possibility of visiting the Casino, located a few meters away from the theater, both placed
within the same facilities.

The Tango Class, corollary of a night of pure Argentinian art, is a great time to enjoy with the family or a perfect opportunity to live different experiences. Meanwhile some people will prefer learning the first steps of the 2x4 with one of the Show couples; others will seize the chance to try their luck with any of the options offered by the Casino.

The Theater has an exclusive Drinks Bar that is opened all night, even during the Tango Class. The Menu offers different Drinks options, with and without alcohol, at affordable prices.


Details to be considered

Madero Tango Iguazú is a placed thought for people of all ages: Misiones is a familiar destination and the Madero Tango Iguazú is not an exception; it can be entirely shared or it can be divided, the last activities having options for children and adults.

Madero Tango Iguazú is designed for both local public and tourists: The Show is a travel through the Tango history, thought for those lovers of this characteristic Argentinian music as well as for everyone whishing to delight themselves and learn
from the local culture.

Madero Tango Iguazú receives in the same way, the passenger hosted at the Iguazú Grand Hotel or any other person whishing to live a Tango night with any of our available services: DINNER SHOW VIP, PREMIUM OR TANGO SHOW.

Madero Tango Iguazú is a sales division of Madero Tango, with a show DIFFERENT from the Buenos Aires one. Both experiences are designed to be enjoyed by the same people and both shows have the same quality seal that supports the brand.


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